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More recent chocolate fountain events

Park City Chocolate Fountain Event Is this out of this world or what?  There was some serious decorating for this event that we provided a chocolate fountain for.  We provided white chocolate and colored it pink.  This along with some cotton candy made this party perfect for the birthday girl and her friends.   The event planner and other caterers were a pleasure to work with.
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Wedding Anniversary Includes A Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain in North Salt Lake This last event was for a wedding anniversary party.   There were probably 300 plus guests and an 8 tier cake and 3 bands that played the night away.   We provided dark chocolate in our 44 inch fountain and they had strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows as their dipping items.   The guests danced all night, the kids got their fill of chocolate  and everyone had a great time.  The 44 inch fountain went through 24 pounds of chocolate and by the end of the night it was all gone.  A very fun and successful event.
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Wedding reception in a barn

Wedding reception in a Payson/Salem barn Doing it cowboy style! This was a unique venue in the middle pastures and corn.  The barn was nice and inside it was done up nicely for any party or event.  This one happened to be of course a wedding and we used our 44 inch chocolate fountain.  There was a constant line of guests waiting to dip into the delicious milk chocolate.   This will go down as one of my favorite events and the hosts of the event contributed greatly to that classification. 
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A Chocolate Affair, more than just chocolate fountains

A Chocolate Affair We are full service event rentals What do you need for your event?  We provide a large array of different items for all kinds of events.  If you have a wedding, corporate even or a birthday party, its likely we have everything you need. Rental Items: You can find your rental items here.  We have available tables, chairs, linens, audio and lights, projectors and televisions, chocolate fountains and beverage fountains, and some backdrops and decor. Services: We offer services that expand beyond delivery, set-up and take-down.  I you are looking for a DJ, we have experienced DJ’s
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Chocolate Fountain Rental in Utah

Chocolate Fountain Rental in Utah We have been catering events with our chocolate fountains in Utah for almost 4 years.  A Chocolate Affair has been doing this much longer but we as owners it has only been 4 years.  Our chocolate fountain rental has taken us as far away as Roosevelt Utah and Ogden Utah.  We now have 7 different fountains in 4 different sizes.  There is another larger fountain that we will soon acquire.  This one will be an awesome 54 inch tall fountain. We love providing chocolate fountains for events.  We have done hundreds of wedding and corporate
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A little Alpine Utah celebration.

Delicious chocolate at it again.  Our large 44″ chocolate fountain is always a crowd pleaser.  Notice the peeps?  This is the first time peeps have been used.  It sure does add color to the dipping items.  I think this was beautiful set up.  The host was awesome and sent us back with some awesome leftover cake.  Loved this event.  Thank you    
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Springville Backyard Wedding

Springville Chocolate Fountain Backyard Wedding Treat This was a nice summer day in a local backyard.  It was a beautiful setting with a water feature and outdoor lighting.  This is our 44 inch chocolate fountain with a wind guard which was necessary because of all of the trees.  The weather cooperated as it had been stormy all week, but the wind didn’t even kick up for this wedding.  The guests all enjoyed the chocolate fountain even the kids!
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Chocolate Fountain for birthday party

Chocolate Fountains perfect for birthday parties This chocolate fountain was at a birthday party event in Salt Lake City.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland and the guests all came dressed up as one of the characters.  This was a fun event not only because of the theme but because of the chocolate fountain provided by A Chocolate Affair.  We used delicious milk chocolate and they provided an assortment of dipping items.  This was fun for everyone.
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Updates to our recent Chocolate Fountain events

Event Services! I have included several pics of our chocolate fountains from recent events.  Remember we also offer other services for events.  Our photo booth is awesome and can handle large group photos.  Our sound system is easy to set up, sounds great, and then add in our DJ for a fun, high energy event.  Tables, Chairs, linens, anyone?  We rent those as well.  Enjoy our pics of our chocolate fountains.  
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ACA Photobooth at Utah events

We are now offering a photobooth for your events.   A Chocolate Affair (ACA) just added one more benefit for your wedding, party, or corporate event.  A photobooth!  Rent a photobooth from A Chocolate Affair (ACA)!  We rent linens and tables.  We rent chairs, provide music services, and we rent chocolate fountains.  We make your planning much simpler.  Get most everything at one stop.  That also means we can bundle and save you money.  Get your DJ, Chocolate Fountain, and Photobooth at A Chocolate Affair and entertain your guests all night long. Our photobooth uses a high quality, dye sublimation printer
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