Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

* Do I have to set up, take down, or clean the fountain?

With the exception of our 24 hour rental, the
answer is no, we do all the work for you.
We will arrive at your event approximately
1 hour prior to the starting time.  The
fountain will then be set up and the chocolate
will be melted and flowing before your guests
arrive!  When the event has concluded we will
clean and disassemble the fountain.  Our
attendant will be on duty to run the machine
to prevent any damage or misuse.

* How long can I have the chocolate fountain at my event?

Our pricing includes use of the fountain for
3 hours.  The set up and breakdown is on
our own time and not deducted from the 3
hours.  Additional service hours can be

* What are the table and electrical
The chocolate fountain weighs approximately
100 pounds when operating so a sturdy table
is a must!  A level table is also a necessity
for the chocolate to flow properly.  We can
provide the table for an additional fee if you
prefer.  An electrical outlet must be available
within 10 feet of fountain.

* Can I use my own chocolate?
For complete satisfaction we only use our
chocolate.  It is specially formulated to use in
fountains and requires no messy mixing of oil
into the chocolate.  This process may vary
from chocolate to chocolate and a mistake in
the mixing process can result in ruined
chocolate.  And wouldn’t you and your guests
rather have the flavor of the finest, richest

* Can I provide my own dipping items?
Yes you can, but please stay away from any
items that may fall off the skewers or
fragment and possibly drip into the
fountain, and consequently clog it. (angel food
cake, pound cake)

* Do you provide decorations for around
the fountain?
We do provide some greenery for around the
fountain and colored sashes around the
fountains to match your event!  You are
welcome to add fresh flowers or whatever else
you would like.

* What about linens for the table?
We do not supply the linens.  You can use
linens coordinating with your event.  If you
need help finding linen rentals we can help!
If you would rather we provide the linen, we
can do that too for an additional fee.

* What areas do you service?
Our rates are for Salt Lake and Utah County.  We will
travel just about anywhere for an additional fee.

* Can I use the fountain outside?
Yes you can but keep a few things in mind.
In order for the chocolate to flow smoothly
over the tiers it must maintain a certain
temperature.  If the temperature is low
enough for guests to wear jackets, it’s not a
good idea to use the fountain outside.
Another deterrent to outside fountain use
may be the presence of chocolate craving
insects.  Wind and even slight breezes can
also cause disasters covering more than just
the strawberries!

* How does your self rental work?
You pick up one of our 19″ fountains, with or
without chocolate, follow the instructions,
clean it after use, and return it within 48 hours.

* Do you have an office where I can see
the fountains or taste the chocolate?
No, we are a home based business.  But we
are happy to answer any questions you have
and address any concerns.

* How do I reserve a fountain?
To reserve a fountain for your event you will
need to sign a rental agreement and make a
$100 deposit.  Call 801-851-0318 to book
your event today!

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