Death by Chocolate for Keller Williams Real Estate Lee Stern

Death by Chocolate Lee Stern Keller WilliamsDeath by ChocolateDeath by Chocolate Lee Stern Keller Williams Event

This was a fun event in Murray.  We provided 3 chocolate fountains for a Death by Chocolate event with Lee Stern Real Estate.  This was our 44 inch and two 27 inch fountains.  One had milk chocolate, another had dark chocolate and the third fountain had white chocolate.  We provided all of the dipping items for this event and it was very well attended.  It was held at a home builders show room so this event was all about new ideas for your new home.  I don’t think that anyone left unhappy as there was plenty of delicious food to eat.

Thank you Lee Stern for having A Chocolate Affair provide chocolate fountains for your Death by Chocolate Event.

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