Chocolate fountain benefits

A Chocolate Affair is Utah’s finest chocolate fountain caterer. Our fountains deliver a very dramatic visual presentation as well as providing a delicious, mouth- watering treat for your guests!  It will bring out the “Wow” factor you want to create for any special event or gathering.

A Chocolate Affair uses only the finest premium couverture chocolate in our chocolate fountains. Our chocolate flows effortlessly and never requires the addition of messy oils that dilute the pure chocolate flavor. Your guest will be impressed as they indulge themselves with the luscious, smooth, creamy and rich flavor of our chocolate.

You will be able to serve hundreds of guests with our chocolate fountains. With an endless assortment of dipping items to choose from, you can create a dessert smorgasbord for your guests, that is sure to be remembered. From various fruits, cookies, marshmallows and brownies, your options are limitless. Nothing compares to choosing your own special treat and dipping it into the melting Belgian chocolate!

In addition to presenting your guests with a succulent chocolate experience, you can customize your event with unique colors, and flavorings such as orange, mocha or hazelnut (or any flavor you can dream of!) Our fountains can also be used for caramel, butterscotch, syrup, barbecue sauce, cheese, or ranch dressing. Further customize your event by adding a cookie bar, a scrumptious candy buffet, bride and groom strawberries, or cupcake trees. Our pineapple palm trees also provide a fantastically visual fruit option that looks exotic and exciting.

Chocolate fountain catering offers a less expensive option to traditional catering, while also providing a dramatic centerpiece for your party or gathering. Our fountains include drip guards to insure there are no messes, and we always have an attendant nearby to keep things running smoothly. Our quick set-up and take-down means less worry for you.

A Chocolate Affair provides you with a delicious, fun and exciting chocolate fountain experience at an affordable price. From weddings to corporate events, or whatever the occasion may be, we will make your gathering one to remember!

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