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Another Sheraton success

This is a 27″ fountain with milk chocolate that we provided for the Angelmans syndrome society at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City.  Thank you Sheraton for having us again.  We have been busy.  We haven’t posted some of our latest events because we made videos instead.  You can find them on Youtube and the links are listed in some of our previous posts.  We are looking forward to the holiday season the weddings and corporate parties.  If you are thinking about chocolate fountains for your Christmas party book your event now.
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Having partners pays off for you!

We have partnered with several companies that will allow us to offer special package deals for you.  Whether your event is a wedding, corporate party or even a birthday party and you want to use our chocolate fountains, you may also have need for a PA system, a DJ, or signs and special graphics for your event.  Brides often want special graphics with the bride and grooms name on it.  Company parties may want welcoming signs for their employees.  We can get special discounted rates with our partners.  Don’t forget that we are now offering linen rentals.  All you have
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We now have linens to rent!

We are now making it easier for you to plan your event.  If you rent a chocolate fountain package from us, you will get a discount on your linen rental.  So now its getting easier and will save you money.  Tell us your wedding colors and we have linens to match.  We have table cloths of different sizes, table covers, table runners, chair covers and sashes.  Let us help you save money and get a big part of the job done from one location, A Chocolate Affair.
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Kaysville reception

This was a small low key reception with a single 27 inch chocolate fountain and a beverage fountain.  The kids loved the chocolate fountain.  A couple of kids asked how hot the chocolate was.  I replied that it is just hot enough to melt the chocolate, which is about the same to melt your fingers.  You should have seen the look on their faces.
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Awesome chocolate fountain company celebration

We just provided a nice touch to an event at Select Comfort. They did chocolate fountains for their employees as a kind of celebration. A nice dark chocolate 27″ fountain and a milk chocolate 27″ fountain. They sure had fun dipping the fruit and cookies in our delicious chocolate. Check out our photos of the setup.
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